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Machine Learning Engineer



Software Engineering
Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh, Pakistan
Posted on Tuesday, November 14, 2023
Headquartered out of Denver, CO, and with an office in Karachi, PK, we’re a small but mighty team on a mission to completely reinvent the future of learning at work.
Introducing Spekit: the new way to learn in today’s remote, digital workplace. Say goodbye to distracted zoom training sessions and lengthy LMS courses your teams will forget. Instead, Spekit takes all of your training & enablement – for applications, processes, sales playbooks, SOPs, and more and embeds that training directly in your employees’ tools & workflows, right when and where they need them. Whether that’s a walkthrough to guide you through creating a quote in Salesforce or a competitor battle card to handle an objection in email, Spekit is your learning companion every step of the way.
The world’s most innovative companies, including Uber Freight, Outreach, Snowflake, Southwest Airlines, and Udemy, leverage Spekit to accelerate onboarding, drive tool adoption, increase productivity, remove the friction of change management, and fuel the growth of their employees – from anywhere.
With over $60M in VC funding from top venture firms, including Craft Ventures, Bonfire Ventures, Renegade Partners, and the Foundry Group, Spekit is the rocket ship you’ll want to be on.
Where is Spekit going?
We refer to the flow of work as the end user's context. This includes what app they are using, what page/URL they are on, and what task they are performing or need to perform. Our goal is to leverage information about this context and combine it with information and resources that our customers make available to their end users to accelerate our customer's ability to be more effective, to close more sales, lower response times on support tickets, more effectively leverage available resources to reply to emails or recommend sharing proven assets like PDFs or power points, etc.
Given our advantage over incumbent systems in how close we are to our end users, we want to iterate toward our vision of predicting needs, recommending key information, and creating a personalized work experience that helps individuals and teams do way more with less effort.
Over the next year, we will be solving a few key problems around recommending content, supporting the importing, formatting, and organization of content, improving information retrieval through search, and instrumenting and optimizing our end-user workflow to create a flywheel of content creation, curation, and consumption.
Why are we hiring for a ML Engineer?
We want to build a small but amazing team whose members approach problems iteratively and curiously. We want pragmatic individuals that go deep enough to understand a problem, consider multiple solutions and weigh their trade-offs, use data to inform decisions, and are comfortable making mistakes through trial/error and experimentation.

Skills we're looking for:

  • Extensive math and computer skills, with a deep understanding of probability, statistics, and algorithms
  • Impeccable analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Familiarity with data structures, data modeling, and software architecture
  • Proficiency in Python and Python ML libraries, R, Java
  • Experience with data processing to clean, preprocess, augment, and validate data
  • Deep experience deploying a variety of models to production
  • Experience with big data technologies like Apache Spark, Kafka, and AWS Kinesis and distributed systems when dealing with large, complex data sets
  • Experience with Natural Language Processing techniques and libraries, neural networks, deep learning architectures and deep learning frameworks
  • Experience conducting experimentation, A/B testing methodologies and optimization of models
  • Excellent time management and organizational skillsDesire to learn

The ideal candidate:

  • Knows best practices but is also experienced enough to know when they aren't the best
  • Strives to continuously improve data, systems, code, communication, and execution
  • Puts achieving business and customer outcomes over wanting to use a specific technology
  • Can manage their own work and are comfortable managing ambiguity to drive eventual clarity
  • Is willing and excited about wearing different hats to fill in gaps in knowledge around a project
  • Has a passion for what they do and share that passion to grow others around them

What we are not looking for:

  • That are more interested in tools and techniques over customer-oriented outcomes
  • Overly specialized, are less self-sufficient, and quick to say "that's not my job" when something is unfamiliar
  • Who require everything to already be in place in order to do their job
  • Who prefer to work solo on projects and see collaboration as a waste of time and energy
  • Who struggle to shift directions or adapt to the typical change in smaller startups
What's in it for you?
- Health Insurance CoverageMedical OPD (upon confirmation)
- Provident Fund & EOBI
- 28 days annual leave + your birthday off!
- Food & Internet Allowance
- Hybrid work environment: Remote-first with company provided home off setup with the option to work from the Karachi office when you feel the need
- Meaningful equity: every employee is granted stock options when they walk in the door
- Multicultural & dynamic environment in fast-growing worldwide business.
- One-of-a-kind company culture: a mixture of open mindset, high dedication, success oriented, and high team spirit.
- Amazing team that is committed to the highest standards of performance.
- L&D stipend that can be used for learning opportunities at your discretion
- Team Lunches & Monthly Events
- The chance to help build from the ground up. The hires we’re making now are foundational to our growth as a company
Things we value, culture-wise:
Grit & Growth. We run towards challenges. If something seems unsolvable, it unleashes our persistence, our creativity, and our ability to move through uncertainty to create a solution.
Simple yet Spektacular. We’re in the early stages of building something really great and that requires a lot of hands on deck and a focus on execution. In this journey, we uncover joy in simplicity, obsess over the experience, pivot quickly and always reach for excellence.
Tenacity. The endless pursuit of customer love! We believe in collaboration, transparency, integrity, trust, listening, doing what is right, and always going above and beyond for our team and customers.
Belonging. We strive to build a company culture inclusive of all voices, differences of opinions, and the permission to be our authentic selves. We accept and celebrate what makes us unique and connects us to one another.
Enjoy the Journey. Love what you do and who you do it with! We embrace joy and kindness and we bring our authentic selves to work each day. We seek to share our optimism and compassion with everyone around us.
About the Team
At Spekit, we strive to be the change we seek. And the change we seek is a wealth of diversity in technology and the workplace. As a company with two female founders, we know that diverse and inclusive cultures drive innovative results. We’ve committed as an organization to elevate underrepresented minorities in technology through awareness, partnerships and even hosting our own scholarships to do our part in changing the status quo. If this sounds like the right place for you, we'd love to chat!